Patient-oriented and cost effective identification of autonomic neuropathy.

The Test

The complete test takes less than 5 minutes and provides an instant and specific answer.

Step 1 - HR

Measuring the heart rate during rest.

Step 2 - RS

Measuring the heart rate response from supine to upright position

Step 3 - E:I

Measuring the heart rate response during expiration and inspiration.

Step 4 - VM

Measuring the heart rate response during forced expiration and expiration/inspiration during rest.


Neuropathy can be translated as nerve disease or nerve disorder. ’Neuro’ indicates that the disease affects the nerves. ’Pathy’ originates from the Greek word pathos which means disorder.


Not only within diabetes research, but also within research in a wide sense, a simple and user-friendly method for detecting autonomic dysfunction will make large scale screening more efficient. Since 2005, several hospital departments have adopted Vagus™ in their research. The test protocol is well-defined, broadly accepted and clinically well-documented.


Vagus™ is CE Marked and approved for diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy. The underlying technology of Vagus™ is an ECG standard lead I. Vagus™ is a simple hand-held device. The display guides the user through four standard measurements comprising a complete Vagus™ test: Resting, supine to upright position, deep breathing and the Valsalva maneuver. Vagus™ has an integrated manometer to which the external Valsalva equipment can easily be connected. Instead of using standard ECG electrodes, as do traditional devices, this hand-held device applies the palm of the hand as ‘electrode positioning’. This is possible by optimisation of both ECG electrodes and electronics.

About Us

Vagus™ device is CE Marked and currently being used at more than 30 hospitals in Scandinavia and in the UK. The ease of use and the minimal need for staff training has proven to be optimal for clinical screening of autonomic neuropathy.

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